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On this page bio, loves, values.
Welcome friends
Kristaps was a Latvian giant whom saved people in a war by carrying them across a river, the Daugava[?]. Zirnitis means little pea. Is this a name common to farmers? If you know the etymology please tell me.

Born July 21, 1968 in Revelstoke, BC, a small town of 6k. Has a big dam and good skiing. Was a competitive swimmer and XC skiier. Went to UBC for a year in 86, then worked in Banff for two. Most of the 90s were a right off. Took two more classes at UBC, cycled France and UK, and got more involved in local arts.

At UBC I took Arts One, a Great Books liberal studies program, Fine Arts, and psych. Lived on a coed dorm; the 1st Shu Party Crew. Lot's of fun. One time we went to Expo and I organized the world's largest wave. It was the 3rd to last day and there was at least 200k people gathered for the fireworks. I started to get people in our area singing camp songs including the Yogi Bear song [below]. Then I got the wave going, and it went all around the Inlet. Had some weird ideas like Ape Day, where everyone would grunt and smell each others' armpits. And Nude Night, where everyone would party nude. Actually streaked one of the girls dorms to promote the idea. Had the Beastie Boy theme song; "you have to fight, for your right, to Nude Night". Had no takers. California Brent showed me this game 'grapes', where you throw grapes and catch them in your mouth. We were throwing grapes maybe 20 to 30 yards and catching them. Was in love with pam. Did an allnight essay contest with her. She lost and so I had her as my Slave for the Day.

For a paragraph on my life in Banff see the Naam story. more later....

Favourite things. Vegan dim sum. Vegan pizza. Avacodos, peaches, pears. Pie. Beaches. Big waves. Swimming. Climbing mountains. Cycling, hoops, soccer, tennis, most sports. "The Man Who Went Up a Hill And Came Down A Mountain". Sitcoms, Red Dwarf, Trek. Authors Kerouac, Martin Millar, IB Singer. Most music. Techno, dance, Marsalis.

One time when swimming I thought about whales rolling at the beach so I tried it. Very cool. If the right size, the pebbles sing. Another time at Tower Beach, near Wreck, I swam out to play with the seals. I started to talk with some people in a boat when a seal came up right behind me.

Call me naive but I believe in non-violence. I think international police forces should be armed with non-lethal weapons. I believe UN Peacekeepers and other militaries should be armed with non-lethal weapons. I believe in legislation to prevent the manufacture and distribution of lethal weapons. I believe in the unrestricted distribution of medical and food supplies to civilians in war zones.

I am not a scientist but walking only generates 6lb/inch. Couldn't a vehicle be developed to create wide area high energy sonar or microwaves for fast disposal of landmines? Talk to me people.

It is too late, but what would have been the possiblity of installing a heat shield, chute, and airbag re-entry system to save MIR? I assume all possiblities were explored, but the museum draw value of MIR would have been very high.

What happened to sportsmanship? When you knock someone down you are supposed to pick them up. You shake hands at the end of a game. Isn't arguing with a ref supposed to be a yellow/T. Though an atheist, I do commend NY and TO for a group hug or prayer at the end of one of their Dec games.

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