links resort where my sister Marita works
Mark Weller: best friend from hometown now in Cali check out his Fun with star wars action figure photos recreating scenes on location inthe desert!!
James friend at the frat house, metallurgy grad student from Montreal check out the Goddess Tanya and a photo of me cage dancing at Discotronic
vegan voices vegan animal rights group here in vancouver
truth belts vegan belts m/f and purses made in Canada very cool
PETA animal rights uk based veg site - good
vegsource: veglink - busy US site with a veg Trek board a little conservative to veggiesunite a US veglink, has a dating and penpal page
edgewise cafe: vancouver poets and telepoetics
teamvegan :vegan sports fdt currently uninc
my resume
mon resume en francais
the latvian alphabet : pronunciation of the latvian alphabet, not quite finished the data entry yet a uk hemp link the Latvian Happy Hour Club in Chicago Latvian daily newspaper indie Latvian tv latvian travel page based int veg dining site doesn't always distinguish between o/l, and pure/vegan based int veg and vegan restaurant list musician all visitors
georgia straight:free entertainment weekly,not as good as print edition Vancouver site Council for the Arts Canada Department of Heritage Irish newspaper
CiTR: UBC student radio biggest list of veg people on the web, currently being rebuilt Latvietis arzeme, Latvians abroad raw food Goddess OZ vegan Vanessa music, blogs, message board, and karaoke, cool! music and design small brit directory where I am listed arts in South Africa nudist beach in Vancouver flight simulator game from Red Bull very funny
enya Goddess fast page lots of complete videos the stop switch for the imbedded music is in the upper left corner does not turn off automatically when loading wmp the only glitch only for lonely video
club vibes cool web hangout for clubbers started in van but gone global has monthly parties very good show up early and get free beer
Redwire First Nation zine Native resource/gateway
vip page Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian Canadian super goddess but the official Pam pages don't seem to load
Pam page I think this was the offical page but it seems to be dead
petas sexy veg sexy veg list ranks Natlie as the hottest ever
another peta sexy veg page archived press release page but more content than the list, there are several regional petas where there is an active vote field, euro, india
Shania Twain Shania veg goddess and Canadian, vids in RA argh, you can type in shania-twain this is the redirect
Natalie Portman vegetarian Goddess but the page doesn't load saw her Letterman interview and she said she is single Wow seemed to like the Canadian who climbs through an unstrung tennis racquet while juggling, wore a skimpy black dress and you could see her boobs!!!
oho Latvian portal
oho dating with a personals page
sevensisters hot Canadian poets, check out goddess Judy
Reid Fleming Worlds Strongest Milkman very funny comic by Vancouver local David Boswell
christa M funny writer for student radio zine Discorder, doesn't seem to be up yet
Nerve free Vancouver monthly has BOOBS
Terminal City another entertainment weekly
Vancouver Courier free weekly newspaper
Kate Hammet-Vaughan Redhead vegetarian Goddess, local jazz singer
Ed the Sock talk show, comedy, boobs
WestEnder free weekly newspaper way better than the Southam monopoly

Bif Naked world famous local band, Goddess Bif has tattoes and muscles and is a dietary vegan, her new guitarist Goddess Gillian is the hottest woman in the world

JDs Berlin hotlist German links haven't surfed this yet but looks like a comprehensive intro to Berlin and I have a wonderful friend there and need to become more Deutsch literate
vancouver bloggers mini portal for Vancouver bloggers

spanish blog funny Bush joke

Comedy clips Check out 'cop boyfriend' by Laurie Kilmartin AND Ralphie with 'door to door p#ssy' 14+ "I grew up in a dangerous part of Las Angeles called Las Angeles"
Laurie's homepage Hot standup comedian with a sexy voice likes swimming and coffee and Good Times Dynamite!
weather network nothing hotter than Canadian weathergirls check out Anne-Marie Sweney :D

bctv news more Canadian newsgirls Pamela, Tamara, and Coleen, Nicola Crosbie

explorer favesI mainly just use the sports folder and am surprised at some of junk in a couple folders but my web is not a priority and has yet to get me laid or employed
Oral Sex Donations Accepted

kristaps zirnitis

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WARNING this is a Normal free zone, Nerds only !! ....oh wow this is so dated, never update it, living in sechelt, have a nice place and my life is stable, I have a great support team and it is gorgeous living by the ocean and I swim at least once a week in the offseason and several times a day now that is summer 2015 may ....... if you surf in from one of my Icke or Scientology critiques on thepiratebay or random space alien rant do not be shy and mail me zirnitis at hotmail, be courageous and mighty forces will join you, lol, like that ever happens, for more on that scroll to bottom, if its poetry try the chapbooks, for recent photos hit flickr, or looking for more about the World Biggest Wave and my anti-landmine inventions try 'more about me below' big Holiday kisses people! december YES finally splurged and bought some wheels for my epic, will organize a build party for next weekend, other news nada zip, just work and be in pain, was planning on moving to whistler but rents are outrageous even for whis and have been to busy to scope out Ocean Falls as I would enjoy being someplace where my bikes can not get stolen!!!! September again .. nothing new, finally a new bike, titanium Marinoni, I tell my friends its like sex but faster, so I am back to biking weekly with the Velocity club, time trial mondays, and 50k teusday and thursday, still staining cabinets for Neil and my brotherinlaw plus some construction for Greg and Les, not many hours left over for Stan. Valentines approaches - out of cast, working pt with broinlaw, still in Langley, have taken over the garage, enjoying nhl 08 on the ps3, watching lots of films, hating the writers strike, 'where's my heroes!!!!!', addict killed himself with an uzi in a crackhouse across the street, Have not updated this baby in ages. Was working up in whistler and pemberton for a couple yrs, one summer farming at north arm, then the winter and summer doing construction labour for nadeau and my friend Shane. Lots of cool ppl up in pembie had a pretty good time. The highlight was having this girl emma over cuase she looks like Kate Hudson but she was too wasted to shag and never called me back, shitty, cause she is way hot. The best party was the barn dance afterparty at Micheal mcChuck [sp?] cause the place is so cool, a little cottage with a hobbit sauna built over a little lake so you can swim in and out!! But the main event was seeing Tara naked and OH MY GOD !!!!!! She is so hot, super perky breasts and sweet butt, and I found out another friend is a fetish girl! but maybe a little late, cause I am not in pembie anymore,[but I am promised a good flogging BIG SMILES] landlord moved in nov, so with no other rents in whis, came to langley for few months to try and save money cuase I got burned by wcb [workers compensation board]and had both my mtn and roadie stolen in pembie, and the cops there were pretty useless about it, no diss, but yeah, they had a lead they could have checked out and never did, told them there was someone in the bldg but they did not care and another bike got trashed, a beater that I had found and gone unclaimed too small for me but was going to give it away to someone who could use it before it got destroyed, so WARNING, be real careful with your bike in pemberton or whistler especially around the wildwood restaurant. Other news nada, or lots but no time right now. Horny as always so if you are single visiting my page hollar good times Kman out [thats 07 look this other stuff is even older lol] ....Happy St Paddy everyone. Goddess Irina Slutskya wins gold!!! American sweetie Sasha Cohen takes silver at skating worlds. Bulgarian couple had the best lifts but failed to make podium. Took the trailer to squamie came back for thanksgiving and still here have yet to bike to whistler maybe monday. Hottie Morgan Fairchild is town with the staging of the Graduate see . Finally an update from the lazy bastard eh, ok Sarah the bike photos are going up and the paddy film is developed as well. tripod photo album Happy St Paddy!!!! Wow the St Paddy parade was so cool. So many hotties. Will update later. Also amazing hunnies at Persian New Year. Wow Sweet.
Added an old chapbook see links below. Short ride and 10k run today. Friday went to the critical mass ride with James then a beer where I got hushed by superGoddess Ivy for noisy backgammon. Sweet. Check out the Laurie Kilmartin link below left LOL.
Awake joyous alive in love I go swimming in the cool autumn ocean eat cookies and sip some some homemade wine. The fireplace crickles and crackles a crispy cozy house. All so happy even in the rain. Play some ping pong eat donuts. Tomorrow remember the sorrows of the past, be vigilant of swords still unsheathed, be merry with those you love, take time to kiss the earth that gives life, know the spirit and atoms of the dead are alive in the colourful beauty around us as we Remember [2003 11-11].
Yo how is life just added some new photos to my fotki

Friday Mar 28 2003 Congrats to Shae-Lyn Bourne and Viktor Kratz on skating gold for Canada!!!
my blog dear diary newsjournal [14+ language and themes]

Hate being lonely too, see the new link below left and if you like my poems donate the good stuff LOL!

Bonjour. Bienvenue chez Kristaps. Welcome to my home on the web. Labdien. Sersnigi sveiki. Canada is a nation of French and English speakers; therefore I will make an effort to use both on this page. My father was Latvian. Although I did not learn the language growing up I am trying to do so now. I will also include gaelic as I explore my Irish heritage as well. "Failte", means 'hello','slainte' to your health, and "conas ta tu" is 'how are you'.

If you are surfing in from my resume. Looking for anything labour etc locally or Whistler but if there is f/t vegan work anywhere in the world I would consider it; ie cafes, fruit picking, vineyards, breweries. Feel free to forward my resume to others whom are hiring. Thank you.

On this page a few notes on local poets, a brief bio, and a short Latvian letter. The photos; a poetry reading in '95, with Angelika and Linda on Mt Truax '92 , and outside the Ottawa Hostel in '94. Enjoy your visit and please sign the guestbook.

New additions:
more about me [14+]
the Naam [14+] a short story from the 80s
poems poems [14+]
Horny Latvia Club
Arts Reviews reviews of what I am reading and have enjoyed in the past
poetry chap book page 1
poetry chap book page 2
poetry chap book page 3
poetry chap book page 4
poetry chap book page 5
poetry chap book page 6
Disclaimer - as with most everything on earth some poetry is scripted and may not express my true intent but are technically brilliant and worth a laugh. I will add commentary and notes when I update and make a pdf .. A Robert Frost poem gave me the idea for poem as narrator for the Stud series, and the final poem is an Off to Gary Snyder. ty Kristaps.
I encourage everyone to support local arts. Some great Vancouver poets; Neil Eustache, Justin Mcgrhail, Ducktape Platypus, Susan Buffam, and Sheri D. Wilson. Neil has this piece about native misery and Inuit teen suicides "gasoline, gasoline, give me all your gasoline". Has a cd with his band Red Sugar. Vancouver Coop radio may have some good archived tapes. Here is an excerpt from a comedic Susan Buffam piece; please don't read if you are easily offended [14+]: "Sharks are predators, sharks have a keen sense of smell, men are predators, men have a keen sense of smell, menstruating women shouldn't go out at night in shark infested waters". See and hear some locals at edgewise cafe & telepoetics. Also jazz poet Ralph has many links and reviews at bongobeat. Used to have my own series Whips and Chains at the Whip Gallery in Vancouver [bastards said they would store some books for me but gave away my library to charity aargh and I am so poor I can't even get a library card fuck shit damn]. I haven't been out to readings for awhile but the main venue seems to be Bukowskis Bistro on Commercial drive. Also blacksheepbooks has had a long running series. [Blacksheep is now closed but I left the link hopin git might get revived as the location has had a bookstore since I was a kid]. Went to one Thundering word last yr and it ws fun. Very trendy and packed at cAfe Montmarte on Main. But not much for vegan menu nor bottomless coffee. I think maybe 350 for a doppio so go with wine. Oh yeah they had no soymilk. Thats what dissed me. Arrgh. thunderingwordheard .

the liquid ice stream from the glacier my morning
black stout pints, people in a pub, rain outside... me
the radish picker showed directions holding a radish ... Issa

Langston Hughes - Just becuase I loves you that's the reason why, my life is full of color like the wings of a butterfly .. just becuase I loves you that's the reason why my heart is like a fluttering aspen leaf when you walk by.

Please tell me of any gigs that you know of. Love to hear work from around the world. Looking for poets and backup musicians for group pieces/chorals. Thanks Kristaps


Hi. I'm 32, a writer and labourer into travel and sports. I have 3 married sisters; Marita, Dzidra , and Alvine. I have a friend whom is paraplegic. For info try . Have cycle toured through France and the UK. Always looking for adventure; if you have a plan let me know. If you know anything about Ned Gillette [murdered on Everest yrs ago, lift a glass to a good man] and the Sea Tomato and distance rowing let me know. Would like to do an all vegan Big Row. Maybe a marathon or dragon boat team to promote veganism. I am trying to do a genealogy and learn about my Latvian and Irish heritage. Would like to visit Riga. Call me if you know of any jobs or cheap rents there, or can tutor me in Latvian. I want to start a vegan job bank, tell me if you know of any, if someone wants to host that would be great,otherwise when I have the time and if I think there would be enough traffic to justify the cost I will do it. Will help anyone find work. Also I would like to do a bmovie or webcast of a 2001 tribute. The plot is some kids get together and decide to make it to Mars for 2001, dialogue about feasible starfleets,and fundraising to make it happen. If you visit the link to my sister Marita at Tyax and decide to go there let me know becuase that would be advertising and Gus would owe the wonderful folk at Tripod some beer. Love to dance, techno, swing, ballroom. Call me and we can jive. All for now, love Kristaps

Yes, I realize someone has registered teamvegan, I've had it posted for a long time, it may be possible that someone else came up with the same idea, hmmm, may have to change the name. Another idea is to have vegan pizza delivery. I have lots more.

Godata Ikviens
Mani labi draugi, sveiks,sveiks. Manas skaistas draugas, tukstos skupsti. Ka klajus? Es esmu labi. Es trukus dzirdet man mantojums. Man tev dzimis Aizpute, 1930. Vins mirt kamer es biju uz augst skola.
Es esmu vegan. Kads ir vegan? Vegans est ne gala, ne olas, ne piens, un ne medus. Vegans ne valkata dzivnieki. Aizstat olas ar/pie/aiz lini un ella, vai tofu. Aizstat piens aiz tofu vai kokosa rieksts.
Vancouver ir osta no/iz/uz rietumi krasts no Canada.

In the spirit of LHHC, I am forming the Horny Latvia Club. If you are Latvian, want to meet Latvians, or just hang out, give me a shout, and join now! hlc horny latvia club on yahoo

Also trying to organize the Big Worldwide Kristaps Nameday Party; call now!

Why no honey? I am not an expert and will research more, but off the top, industrial beekeeping [and monocropping] has lead to the loss of many bee species. I think most domestic bees in the US are one species. The loss of biodiversity increases the spread of disease. I have heard that all the honey and other products are taken and the hive is fed a low nutrient sugar/water substitute lowering insect health and immunity; is this true, I will find out. There is research locally at UBC into the mite problem. Are there some species that have natural immunity? I encourage anyone who can, to keep a backyard hive of an endagered species. Thank you

ET brain tubes etc....anyhoo yeah, you can google kristaps and alien and comments or tpb etc this gives you a synposis of my worldview as I am too lazy and brain damaged to write a full debriefing here, just be less lazy and call me, for basics, if planetary scripts and human chess, sound familiar then shout out, see my rant where I describe how I knew about the artificial earthquake in seattle and was able to predict that the technology would be used near thailand or indonesia, this a couple years in advance, security services were made aware of this possibilty here I will just paste a rant composite to the blog ty K

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