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Just some starving artist poems. If you like them ask for more.
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snow angels
30 in the park
we make heaven
horny gods

Off Rushdie
she wears pantyhose
I wear socks
her tits bounce when she jogs

her toast with butter
my toast with jam
she always studies
I only cram

Dickens Correction
It was the worst of times
It was the worst ot times

low tide mtn bikes mud kings

Winter Art
1/2 an hour with a tall cappucino
counting the pedestrians
and two painters with toques
working in the third story sunshine

backpacker in the air
three inch blue and
white tailed hornet

grey street sky
in the cafe
key lime pie
and black coffee

Sweet Afternoon
we go to my apartment
for love and romance
I scream
this is wild
this is wild.
Then you sleep
holding my teddy bear
I dance in the streets
and find flowers
and fresh croissants
and in one store
I buy all the greeting cards
with hearts
all for you
my hearts for you.

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