Latvian Pronunciation
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Latvian pronunciation excerpt from Teach Yourself Latvian by Tereza Budina Lazdina 1966 English Universities Press
Someof the vowels and consanants use accents that I don't have, will fix this soon thanks Kristaps
Why I like the One-minute Page builder:
a - u as in but - eg - galds / table
a - as in car - maja / house
c - ts as in cats - citi / others
c - ch as in chain - cetri / four
ch - as in loch - sachs / chess
d - bad - diena / day
dz - ds as in buds - dzert / to drink
dz - job or ginger - dadzi / thistle
e - pet - te / here or in bad - e smu / I am
e -a in patch - est / to eat or bare/bear - tevs
.... visiting my sister and will finish later sorry

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