Horny Latvia Club
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Welcome to the Horny Latvia Club.
Horny Latvia Club
Styled after the great Latvian Happy Hour Club in Chicago. Originally thought of this as a way to meet for drinks in Vancouver and PNW and to find a tutor, but I am now including a email directory so Latvians and friends can get together around the world. Will post manually until I can set up a form. The information you need to send is name, age/sex/location, marital status [optional], email, web/url, and category interests from beer, sports, language [pupil/fluent/tutor], church [I am atheist but most Latvians are Lutheran], and dating. Please also note whether you are normal/weird and herbivore/carnivore. You can tell me about yourself but until I set up profiles I will only data entry a line or two for each member. Flowers and chocolates for all the ladies in the house. Hope everyone has a good time.

OK I have added a board. You probably have to register with Tripod, but it is owned by Carnegie Mellon University so you are not signing up with Big Bill or something unkown and dangerous. I don't delete anything so if your post doesn't show up there may be a glitch. Have fun!
OK I think Lycos is trademarked to the uni but publicly traded, hmmm, looking for a billionare free zone to hang out and host the club, if you have a better idea let me know. Can't understand why I get no traffic here. Please, talk to me people!

lipiga laimigs,

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Kristaps Zirnitis 32m Vancouver, Canada. Vegan poet into Beats, local arts, clubbing, and hoops.
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